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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

but if its like the comics then when Kitty returned to the future her past self didnt know what had happened. It makes sense if wolverine in the past then doesnt know anything. I mean I am looking way too deep into it but one thing in X2 that I found interesting was Magneto talking to wolverine about stryker being the one who gave him the adamantium, almost as if he knew because he was keeping some form of eye over wolverine. That would be cool to see if the fassbender and mcavoy sorta keep an eye on him even if he isnt part of their team after the time travel situation. it would allow cameos of hugh in the fc movies to show his continuity and then still get back in the loop until x1 where it would obviously be all different haha. My mind goes wild sometimes.

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