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You have to remember that by bringing in new Avengers, you are going to have to trim down the existing team. By Avengers 3, we can't have 10 Avengers running around.

Hawkeye I think is definitely deadzo. Renner *****ed about not having anything to do in Avengers 1 so he will get his moment to shine and then bite the dust.

Falcon I think will bite the dust.

Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk are definitely safe this go around. I would be truly shocked if anyone of those died. Widow I think they will keep around as someone has mentioned...she is the only woman on the team.

As for fake outs...I think Fury will fake his death and Maria will take over SHIELD. That is assuming that won't happen in Cap 2...which it may as that movie seems to be really SHIELD heavy.

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