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Default Re: You choose the next MCU team/group addition

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Avengers, Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy

Power Pack as a Disney Channel-ish sitcom

Now what would really be cool is if they did Thunderbolts! somehow. That would be boss.
A few of the Thunderbolts already are in the MCU.

I'd like to see the Legion of the Unliving. I have always been curious to see how the Marvel versions of Dracula and Frankenstein will be portrayed in the MCU.

My MCU Rankings: 1. The Avengers- 9/10, 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 9/10, 3. Guardians of the Galaxy- 9/10 , 4. Iron Man- 8.5/10, 5. Captain America: The First Avenger- 8/10, 6. Thor- 8/10, 7. Iron Man 2- 7.5/10, 8. Thor: The Dark World- 7/10, 9. Iron Man 3- 7/10, 10. The Incredible Hulk- 6/10
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