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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by GriffinSTatum View Post
Ugh... I think both The Wolverine and Thor: The Dark World deserve higher scores... it is irritating...

This is my opinion on this situation. Maybe the critics or even the G.A. are already tired of seeing comic book movies every year, I think someone here or maybe on the other site mentioned about the "comic book movie fatigue" or whatever or maybe now that The Dark Knight and The Avengers has raised the bar when it comes to comic book movies, everyone's hopes are so high the ended up being disappointed.

Let's set aside the "because the <insert cbm here> sucked!" at the moment. For me every comic book movie that was released this year were amazing, they are not perfect but they still entertained the hell out of me,

IM3 = Still awesome despite the "too much comedy" complaint.
MOS = Finally the reboot some of us have been waiting for for years.
Wolverine = This movie really surprised me, I had low expectations due to XMrigins but I'm glad I decided to see it.
TDW = Another awesome movie even though I didn't like most of the Darcy scenes (which is plenty)

Now I'm kind of worried for future cbms if this is true.

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