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Default Re: BvS villain poll

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
If there's a quick sequence where Batfleck is taking down some small timer in his town, a villain like Pyg could definitely work, a lot of villains could work in that position. A scene like that could be shown early on in the movie to let the audience know how much more extreme this Batman's abilities are to the Nolan Batman.

I really really really hope we get something like this.
I think there's a pretty good chance of it happening.
The audience is already familiar with batman,but he still needs to be introduced in this set of movies.
To the audience AND to superman.
Batman's efforts in gotham need to be showcased before he can be brought into whatever the plot is of the sequel .

I'd personally like to see Two-Face,Penguin,or Riddler.
If it's just a quick introduction type thing though,it could be a chance to use one of batman's villains that would otherwise likely never be used in a film.

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