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Default Re: Batman as a Vehicle for the Surveillance State

Ugh, I really hate this false notion that Batman is some right-wing surveillance-obsessed nut. Other than when written by Frank Miller, he is anything but that. Most versions of Batman have not been that and I'm including the Post-Crisis years.

The default Post-Crisis Batman is first and foremost a detective and is apolitical in nature. A detective's job is to try as hard as possible to not take a side and to remove all biases from self + look at things objectively. The world's greatest detective has to essentially be a master at just that.

It's not like he ever went out of his way to do this sort of stuff. He always had a reason for it and it was always because someone really pushed him over the edge and got him to that point. He only created the TOB contingency plans after a situation in which the team lost control of their bodies and made Brother Eye after Zatanna wiped his memories. Brother Eye happened because he experienced betrayal within the team firsthand. Both cases were also not permanent cases. Even Nolan's Batman was not some surveillance-loving nut that did things with no reason. Nolan's Batman, much like comic book Batman, was pushed over the edge to do it. The death of the love of his life is what made him do it. And much like TOB/Brother Eye, it was a temporary thing. He never did anything like that again in the entire trilogy.

And what about all the left-wing messages that come with Batman? As I said before, Batman is apolitical but it could be argued there are just as many left-wing messages incorporated in the Batman mythos than right-wing messages. Batman spends all 3 Nolan films and 40 years of his comic book continuity saying and practising "no guns, no killing". He goes as far as to let the world's biggest psychopath break out of prison to kill people over and over again, to unfriend/kick out crimefighters that kill/use guns from his Bat Family, etc. Then he has one scene in the entire Nolan trilogy and a few comics where he supports full-on Big Brother-like surveillance and now he is all of a sudden a Patriot Act-supporting Republican? Do I have to point out the double standard in that?

Batman is not the vehicle for any party or state. He is, by his detective nature, an apolitical character. That's not to say that he doesn't take a more left-wing or right-wing view on certain issues but he is by no means more left-wing than right-wing or vice-versa. Politically speaking, he is arguably one of the most balanced superheroes in all of comics. Any hardcore right-wing belief you would find in his character can be balanced out by a hardcore left-wing belief that also exists in his character.

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