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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

My god that's actually a shame, Basinger looks just like Essen. But they dont have to go to the usual route for her.

LOL i always saw Larry David as Ventriloquist. They should seriously do a cameo with him in Arkham Asylum. And for some reason, after seeing Prisoners, i could totally see Paul Dano playing Mad Hatter in another cameo. Same situation as Ventriloquist.

That's what they should do for the next Batman movie to show us how much time has passed since Batman has been doing this in Gotham, and the amount of crazies he's locked up and how these criminals have progressed more and more into complete nutjobs. Have a big scene set in the institution and just go through the halls showing Batman visiting the place, making sure everything is in check. Making his rounds. We see cameos by Arnold Wesker and Jervis Tetch but also Jon Hamm as Two-Face, sitting down, flipping his coin. Hamm would do it too since he's affiliated with Afflecks films (im sure Ben will direct the next solo movie).

They can show others like Killer Croc, Calendar Man and Scarecrow. Jackie Earle Haley could play Crane or Hatter. Especially if it's Snyders universe and he produces the Bat movies, that could attract Mr. Rorschach.

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