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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I thought Ellen Page does look like Kitty from X2 actually, in the brief shot you see of her.

Yeah the Weapon X situation. X2 didn't have to spell things out for us that this is where Wolverine loses his memory. It was part of X1-X2. "He will have no memory" ...they added that line into Origins just to try to maintain continuity but this time he gets shot with a bullet to the skull. Ridiculous. And on top of that, X2 again not needing to spell it out for us implied that Wolverine was the weapon not just part of the Deadpool thing. Even more ridiculous. They took creative liberties obviously and wrote around everything that was solidified as 100% canon, ignoring and rewriting what was implied so that they could pump it out fast and have it sell to teens.

It was a big F you to Weapon X. Why? Well because Hugh Jackman is a nice guy and Wolverine is now a nice guy. He doesn't like violence. He stops Creed from killing people. The writers needed to make Logan more of a hero and not a villain, not the animal he was supposed to be. So he's rewritten to be a victim, not the weapon we all knew from the comic. He was neutered.

So even if another film acknowledges Origins as canon, I refuse to. X2 was all the back story we needed on the subject. He threw his dogtags in the snow and we should have moved on from it.
Thats not what I asked though. I asked how Origins contradicted X2 and none of that is a contradiction. Its one man's subjective opinion about the film.

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