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Default Re: The Chitauri vs The Dark Elves

Dark Elves. Better source material (classic Simonson run on Thor ), although the Ulimates
series that introduced the Chitauri was pretty good too.

More interesting and powerful weapons, the black hole grenades, cloaking devices, Kurse and of course, the Aether !

A more interesting Aesthetic design to their technology, so that's just an
IMO thing, I liked the look of their spaceships (although the Chitauri space whales
were cool).

And of course the Aether.

In terms of sheer ruthlessness Malekith has to beat the Chitauri, he was willing to sacrifice all his people to wipe out Asgard, without even blinking or getting upset about it.

Also, you blow up the Chitauri mothership and they all drop dead, the Dark Elves would
fade away into the dark and hide for a few 1000 years, and then come back and try to
destroy the 9 realms again.

Now assuming vs means who'd win in a fight. The Chitauri outnumber the Dark Elves, by quite a bit, but the Elves' technology seemed a bit more powerful and versatile. If you add the Aether into that, the Chitauri would not stand a chance.

Got to think, one Asgardian and Iron man + some other characters, took on the Chitauri and kicked their asses. The Dark Elves invaded Asgard itself and tore their way through
a small army of Asgardian warriors, killed the queen, and later Kurse beat up Thor.

So, in terms of fighting efficacy, got to give a big edge to the Elves.

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