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Default Re: 17 Signs it's a Marvel Studios Movie

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
hahahaha, you're kidding right? Phantom Menace of the MCU? This one of the most entertaining films of the MCU, and a super terrorist isn't a big enough threat?
Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Its just more whining about the Mandarin, basically.
It's more than just Mandarin Whining mate.

What super-terrorist? The people above were hardly super terrorists who would be a legitimate follow up to Loki. Last time I checked this was an Iron Man movie, not a Pepper Potts film which Shane Black copied and pasted the plot of the Incredibles and changed some names around. I'm also an AC/DC fan and I liked that Iron Man was synonymous with AC/DC and thought that was cool.

These guys are surprisingly on the dot on what I absolutely found disgusted by the film:

The fact that Black wanted to ruin Pepper and wanted to have her raped and a sex tape made with her involved(especially in a movie clearly catered for children) originally also makes it additionally disgusting.

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