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Default Re: Is there a list of characters Marvel has the rights to?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
The Following are characters/ races / groups that I could see as split rights:

Sony / Disney:

Silver Sable

Fox / Disney:

Captain Britain
Kang (Marvel might own Kang, while Fox owns the rights to the name "Nathaniel Richards" and "Rama Tut.")
Scarlet Witch
The Watcher

Kree Race
Sh'iar Race
Skrull Race

Any other possible splits?
Kang was actually the one that got me thinking. Vulcan I can't see being split since his creation came about after the X-Men deal.

Marvel we know has the rights to the Kree and the Skrulls (The Kree coming into Guardians and the Skrulls originally to be used in Avengers but scrapped so they could be "saved for a bigger project"). Kang is really iffy, yes the character appeared in the Fantastic Four, but he's much more an Avengers villain and Rama-Tut was an old identity. The only thing he really has linking him to them is his lineage. Anyway if Fox doesn't have the rights to the Kree, the Skrulls, or Kang I really don't see how they could hope to establish a universe for them. The Fan Four are great but they're also some of the most misswritten characters in the Marvel Universe.

Also some others I thought of:

Hydro-Man (Spider-Man/Frightful Four)

The Beetle/Mach V (given the character was largely a marvel wide misc. foe until the foundation of the thunderbolts.)

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