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Default Re: 17 Signs it's a Marvel Studios Movie

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
How about 1 reason:

Done by committee, micromanaged projects that pander to younger audiences, infuse trivial elements into unabashedly generic story telling, and celebrates mediocrity?

Sorry guys, had to get that off my chest.
Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 were pretty generic. Ironman however felt like it was a political commentary and corporate espionage film before a superhero movie, just as Incredible Hulk (flawed as it was) felt more like a conspiracy thriller than a generic superhero flick. For 2008 that was breaking some massive ground. The Avengers did what DC had written off as impossible for years and did so without taking the X-Men focus on Wolverine style copout. Being said each film feels like it's of it's own and isn't just a cookie cutter plot, so while the stories may be a bit bland they're always fun and aside from Iron Man 2 (in my opinion) they all have heart. So I wouldn't go bashing them.

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