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Default Re: 17 Signs it's a Marvel Studios Movie

Originally Posted by samsnee View Post
I actually thought IM3 was only slightly better than IM2. I didnt mind the Mandarin reveal. I was more annoyed that it didnt really seem like The Ten Rings group was the same as the first movie.
I've been told by knitpicky fans that I'm completely wrong but Iron Man will never be the same as he was in the first movie. The first film was set in a realistic world that taught audiences to suspend their disbelief by introducing the advanced tech from the beginning of the film. The universe was ordinary but the technology was extraordinary, and such relevant under currents made it a winner. The problem however was that Thor couldn't exist in this world, nor could the jumpsuit adorned agents of SHIELD (rather than their suited Coulson contemporaries), this is just pushing the suspension of disbelief. So the atmosphere had to change and in Iron Man 2 they really had no idea how to do that. I was satisfied with Iron Man 3 because I thought it was a decent Iron Man story that worked in the confides of the MCU.

Oh and before any of you tell me Iron Man was not realistic because Tony should have died when he crashed into the desert, in the Dark Knight Batman and Rachel should have been all sorts of splattered and broken when they slammed onto that car from like 60 stories up and you all call that movie hyper real!

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