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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by daddydivine View Post
I see many comments about how emotional MOS was... I think MOS tried to have an emotional impact and failed. I think the romance between Supes and Lois was beyond silly. I think without Clark Kent providing a little levity the movie wants to pass itself off as a drama and fails.

TTDW doesnt take itself very seriously so the flaws dont effect the general audience as much.

All that aside I do wish Marvel would start a brand of movies with a more serious tone. Maybe some street level heroes or a Dr. Strange movie. Because even though I love the Marvel approach and their movies have a comic book feel they all are starting to use the same formula.

So its TTDW that doesnt take itself seriously and just makes a fun movie or MOS that tries to take itself seriously and fails.

TTDW by miles.
Lois and Clark romance was not silly. In fact if you looking for "romance" then you wont find it. What happened with Lois and Clark was bond that was created. Lois knows Clark intimately by the end of the film. She met Ma Kent, met Jor-El, knows about Pa Kents death and the reason behind it. Thy both played a huge part in stopping Zod. It was magnificent what they did with Lois and Clark.

You cant expect levity from Clark at this point. When you have a person dealing with loneliness and an identity issue there is no time for levity.

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