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Default Re: Superman vs. Hollywood

Originally Posted by Joshua_B View Post
Singer just leaned on the Donner era far too much...and while I think Brandon Routh was okay, he looked way too young for Superman. Kevin Spacey was great as Lex, and Kate Bosworth's version of Lois reminded me of Erica Durance on "Smallville". Frank Langella was far too gentle as Perry, and Sam Huntington's performance just annoyed me after a while. I actually liked James Marsden as Richard White, even though it resulted in Cyclops being killed off for "X3". I also liked the idea of Superman having a kid, but the history Singer created for the film was too vague.

On the whole, "Returns" was far too dependent on what had come before; that's what I meant by "a lack of originality". It's still light-years ahead of "Superman III", though.
I agree with some of your points.

Everything seemed "watered down", including the muted colors, brownish tint, cloudy skies, gentle Perry, depressed Lois, not happy Superman, to dull Lex Luthor, who seemed a shadow of Gene Hackman.

Instead of ramping up the original elements of Donner movies, Singer toned them down, which resulted in a Superman movie that was not energetic enough.

I still believe that same cast members could have given even better performances, they were held back by director and story.


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