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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

I'm just stating what the Marvel wikia said. Thor has been quite a fluctuating character when it comes to power level. He's extremely powerful at his best but he's also a character that some writers have liked to job out to others to make them look powerful.

Thor has traveled time but of course most of his powers are those of a warrior, as that's what he is until he gets the Odinforce (then called Thorforce) and becomes the All-Father himself. And no, the Odinforce isn't a one-off, it's the power that Odin holds and when Thor inherits it he's more powerful than Odin was (when he's learned to control it). That's why I said that the Odinforce isn't relevant for this discussion since that puts Thor far higher than his normal state (and even further with the rune magic). Superman has had those states as well, as I'm told he's destroyed a solar system by sneezing.

As for Thor's weather powers, you argue like they aren't the magic powers of a god. Of course he'll be able to do stuff that isn't normally possible. When he fought Glory he summoned all the storms of a thousand worlds on the place they fought. By definition you can't do with the atmosphere in one world. And don't forget, he's not only an Asgardian but also half Elder god (his mother is Gaea).

When it comes to the Ultimate I've never had any interest in that so I haven't read it. I don't see how Thor being beatable there makes him any different from normal Thor. He's been beaten lots of times, just like everyone else. The recent God Butcher story is one of my all-time favorites and Thor gets beaten several times, while still coming across as very powerful.

And yes, we all like what we like. It's not strange that you don't care that much for Thor, just as I think Superman has often been pretty flavorless. No one should have any problems with differing taste as long as there's a respectful conversation about it.

I do not take it personally and this isn't my thread, I've just posted in it.

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