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Default Re: Aaron Johnson May Be Quicksilver

So when do concept art/costume designs usually come out? I've got a hankerin' for nitpicking.

Originally Posted by Comicbookguy339 View Post
So considering that Quicksilver had a relationship with Crystal in the comics how likely is it that in the MCU Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are going to be Inhumans?
I don't think the relationship has any bearing on that. If anything, it makes it less likely, since the dynamic Pietro had with the Inhumans was based on his being different to them.

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
So, if I get it right Wanda and Pietro have a Jewish father and a Gypsy mother...

But how do you "look Jewish"? Most Jewish people I know don't look any different from non-Jewish people.

And people who are "part Roma"... they look, for example, like Bob Hoskins, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Caine, who are all of Roma descent.
Roma are't a monolithic group. There are tons of subgroups spread over a large geographic area, that arrived in Europe at different times, and some groups have had more in-flows of European genes than others, so there's quite a lot of diversity in looks, even in mixed people. That said, most (or many) have distinguishing physical features IMO, but it's definitely hard to pin down a single generic look. I suppose the same could be said for any other ethnicity though...

Oh, the actors you noted are all Romanichal, who are pretty mixed (much moreso than the more southern groups), but not the standard look for other mixed-Roma. Take Iva Bittová, for example. She's a Jewish-Roma Czech. I wouldn't say she's the standard, either, as there is non, but it's closer to what the characters "should" look like, in my mind.

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