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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by javi1024 View Post
I still don't understand the point of this arc. The Shi'ar have already tried Jean Grey and she paid her debt (Dark Pheonix Saga. Maybe Marvel has heard of it). Second, This Jean has committed no crime. It's like the witch hunt for Rachel Grey all over again. And third, there is No More Phoenix according to Hope and Scarlet Witch, so they have nothing else to worry about. Right??
Except we just saw the Phoenix Force alive and kicking in the last arc. "No More Phoenix" only meant no more Phoenix for now. It still exists out there and will eventually make its return. But IA with you. Its ridiculous to put Teen Jean on trial for acts she never committed and considering she ddint go back to her time, acts she likely never will do. And if they are so worried about the PF, then I don't see what the point of targeting Jean is bc AvX proved that anyone can become a host for it and be corrupted by that power. Why not go after Cyclops who was the last host that went crazy and destructive with it?

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