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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by NoLaNitE007 View Post
Yes. One of the many problems of CA. It was such a boring, bland film and Evans is very wooden as CA. CA was a film that received higher RT reviews than MOS? Wow....that just makes zero sense.

Goes to show that RT reviews are highly inconsistent.
Gotta disagree with what you said there. Cap movie may have suffered from lackluster action scenes and weak villain,but the movie as a whole was alot better than MOS by a longshot.

Cap movie done a much better job telling the story, it has a much better pacing,better characterisations and much better performance from it's oppose to MOS, whicch got a MAJOR pacing problem because the director couldn't wait to get to the next big action set piece, and as a result,the pacing,storyline and characters moments and everything else in between suffered as well.

And just to keep this on topic...this movie almost suffered from the same mistakes as well...but not as bad as MOS IMO

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