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Default Re: (Speculation) Captain America III: Fallen Son (The Death of Captain America)?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Easy there, Dr. Phil.
I'd be willing to bet the reason that he (and others in this thread) would "love to see this happen" is because it's canonical, and true to one of the greatest story arcs in Captain America's history. Not because he's "sick in the head."
I don't care if it was in the comics, if someone likes it when the hero dies for some dramatic element, I think they are sick. Like in Kick Ass 2, so glad they didn't put in all of that "canonical" crap of the woman being raped and the dog beheaded in the movie, it was too OTT in the comic, and would have been repulsive in the movie. Hell, there were things in Jurassic Park book I am so glad they kept out, like the mutilation of the baby. It's canon in the book, but they kept it out of the movie because it was just too sick.

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