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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
What are those concerns, explain them to me, because that sounds like a cheap copout. What they're saying is that people should be content with female heroes playing supporting roles to men, no that's not good enough and its ********.
Or, everyone that is not a white man is playing a supporting role to a white man. It is a bit tiring. Wonder when we will get a good female hero movie, or even more out there, a good Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, Latino or Arab lead role, either it be a man or a woman. And this whole thing about women not able to carry a film, we all know Kick Ass would have been crap if it weren't for Hit Girl.

Well, as for the title question, I like the idea of Charlize Theron or maybe even Angelina Jolie in the role.

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