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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
I completely agree with your points, and it's an industry-wide issue. Like I said, it doesn't excuse the fact that Marvel's slow with developing female centric CBMs. Studios everywhere don't like to green light action pictures that have females at the center of the storytelling and butt-kicking. That's why we have to keep talking about it and putting pressure on Hollywood to change their ways.

I would say that IM and Thor and The Hulk were pretty well-recognized prior to their movies getting made. Ant-Man? He was hand picked by Edgar Wright and Marvel wanted to work with him. It's basically been in a long in-development period and is only finally now getting off the ground.

As for GOTG, I think, or at least I hope, it signals that Marvel's willing to take bigger risks with development of their properties. It's a cosmic, family-friendly action adventure with merchandising potential out the wazoo. But it does have one of the more diverse (racial and gender) casts so far, and signs point to Gamora and Nebula having some really good development and action.

I'm extremely critical of Marvel in this department, believe me. But I'm also hopeful that they'll do right by us fans clamoring for more diversity.
Even sadder, is that hollywood has all the proof they need in the box office, with the likes of Titanic, Avatar, Hunger Games, Aliens, and hell, even Gravity have had great money making success with female heroes. And the female audience is huge, just look at the number 2 movie this weekend, Best Man's Holiday was 80% women, and Black women at that, a genre that is seriously ignored by hollywood for whatever stupid reason they can come up with.

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