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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post

Suzanne78, you are a great example. You are able to express your favor for TDW without having to deem another film. There is a difference between comparing/contrasting and bashing another film to prop up another.

Personally, I have liked all the superhero films this year. Some more then others of course, but I have enjoyed myself in the theater each and every time. That is a very good thing imo.
Ha! Well thanks

I need to watch The Wolverine still. At some point, I'm going to do a rewatch with MOS with my husband too.

Basically, these conversations bemoaning the quality of a movie's RT score and comparing it to other movies, etc. is all really for naught, as the entire thing is simply based on subjective factors (and critics, ultimately, are paid for their subjective opinions, though there should be a basis of objective analysis and film scholarship in their approach).

There are times when I vehemently disagree with a critic's rating of a movie, or even a critical consensus of a movie. But I try not to trash one movie to say one's clearly better.

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