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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Yep, what is important here is how you feel about TDW. If you disagree with a review or the RT score, you don't need other films to validate that. It kills me when you see posters take a different review from a critic for a different film, to justify why the critic can't be taken seriously.

Honestly, there are only a couple of reviewers that I just totally ignore for pretty much any film *cough*ArmondWhite*cough*.

Each film, I think even the Marvel movies, really can be looked at as individual films. I guess it's in our nature to compare certain things about the movies, but I don't want to say, "Well, X was clearly better than Y because of a, b, and c… and Y sucked because…" That path is so repetitious.

I haven't had a chance to read the T:TDW reviews yet. I don't know what it is about the foreign critic circles vs. US critics that give the movie a harder time. There have been mixed reviews on my Twitter and Facebook streams, but I, for one, cannot stop gushing about the movie. I know it's flawed, no film's perfect, but the stuff I loved, I absolutely adored. Even moreso than the first film.

"Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Edgar Wright, James Gunn [and Ryan Coogler]… For as much flack as people give Marvel that's a pretty freaking great group of filmmakers. Kind of feel spoiled."
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