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Default Re: Who's side are you on?

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Very nice.

I'd say Marvel's track record is pretty similar. Its "Captain" or "Captain Rogers" most often, "Stark" or "Mr. Stark" pretty exclusively. Agent Romanoff, never Black Widow. Agent Barton, unless addressed by Black Widow. And of course, THOR! :P

And villains are worse. Vanko, Stane, Blonsky, Schmidt. I wouldnt say either the Singer or Whedon camp is more likely of using the proper codenames.
Actually, Black Widow was referred to by her codename ONCE in the MCU. It was in her introduction scene in TA. The Russian Mob guy who was "interrogating" her referred to her as "the famous Black Widow." Hawkeye was referred to as "the Hawk" by Dr. Selvig.

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