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Default Re: Should AGE OF APOCALYPSE be released in 2 Parts?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Since the OT cast will have an end one day, I think a two part is the most epic way to close their series, instead of just one movie.

And since many franchises have had a two parts finale, I think X-Men deserve their own grand finale too, so Rise of Apocalypse and Age of Apocalypse (to use them as an example) would be awesome.

Not to mention that this way all OT characters/actors would get enough time to shine with their own little arcs and at the same time fans would get their BIG storyline in two parts, instead of just 2 hours. And Fox would get even more money with two parts, so.... its a Win-Win situation. The actors win, the fans win and Fox wins.
Umm you are forgetting those movies were based on books. And the studio obviously wanted to get more money from their movie adaptations so they divided the last book into 2 to 3 movies.

With X-Men, they don't need to do that.

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