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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
Jessica Drew is both a SHIELD and SWORD agent. She'd fit in perfectly.
True... it would be cool to see them do a bit of a buddy role dealing with whatever the issue is from the other side, so to speak. That could be a lot of fun.

Originally Posted by warhorse78 View Post
Even sadder, is that hollywood has all the proof they need in the box office, with the likes of Titanic, Avatar, Hunger Games, Aliens, and hell, even Gravity have had great money making success with female heroes. And the female audience is huge, just look at the number 2 movie this weekend, Best Man's Holiday was 80% women, and Black women at that, a genre that is seriously ignored by hollywood for whatever stupid reason they can come up with.
Most of those films involve very strong male heroes. The most successful ones had male heroes at the center. Best Man Holiday pulled in $30 Million... Hollywood already knows they can make money off a female led film that costs 17M.

What they're looking for is proof that, all other things being equal, a female action film will perform just as well as a male action film. They don't want to know that the very best female action films that have everything going for them can do well, they already know that, that was never really in question. They want to know that even so-so okay female action films can do well, as many so-so okay male action films have. Barring that, they want to know if they do make a female action film that's totally awesome, it will make a billion dollars, as several great male action films have done.

Hollywood makes plenty of female-centric films, and loves to feature them in action in which they are constantly in peril, like in Gravity, or Hunger Games or Alien. These films are usually classified as horror or disaster movies more than action. What Hollywood doesn't have is proof that women want/enjoy the traditionally male fantasy of going up against a bunch of guys and beating the snot out of them, as a superhero must/should... at least not to the degree that men want/enjoy seeing male characters do that.

And if that's true, as it seems to be, then spending $150M on a male superhero movie is always a better investment than spending $150M on a female action movie, unless there's something specific about this property that people will love. That's what they're looking for. It may not be just and righteous, but it's not arbitrary or random at all.

I personally think Ms. Marvel, because of the strong male hero presence and the way that she stands in for a fan of superheroes (or that whole cute fangirl dream in general) and the way she goes up against far superior foes can really be that female action hero that everyone loves, not just people who feel it's overdue. I think even people who are perfectly satisfied with the female supporting heroes can fall in love with Carol Danvers. I think she's that neat - assuming she's handled reasonably well. I think if Ms. Marvel had a unique powerset or setting, it would be in the docket to be made right now.

Edit: I also think that as Catching Fire smashes records and starts to edge towards that Billion dollars, film studios will start to look for other properties that young women are into to adapt. That's why we're seeing Divergent and Book Thief. If there were female superheroes that lots of women were into, I think those would be getting adapted right now... unfortunately, the truth is that Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel don't test well, they're not known and their basic concepts don't have instant appeal and emotional resonance the same way that a young girl trapped in a world she can't control does, which is what all these YA books are about, really.

Originally Posted by warhorse78 View Post
I wouldn't mind her either. She went blonde-ish in The Blind Side, and Sandy is a huge box office draw, she'd make a great addition to the MCU.
At just about 50, I think Sandra might be a bit old for Carol Danvers. I think if they were going for box office draw the strongest person they could get might be Cameron Diaz. I can't think of anyone else with any draw who is appropriate, imho.

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