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Default Re: MCU: Your Thoughts About The Infinity Stones (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Originally Posted by MarvelDCguy View Post
My theory!!

Confirmed (Kinda)
-Tesseract = Space
-Aether = Power

Not Confirmed
- GotG macguffin = Time
- Eye of Aggomotto (Appears in Dr. Strange, maybe) = Soul
- Loki's/Chitauri Sceptre = Mind
- ??? = Reality
I'd think they'd leave the Soul Gem with Adam Warlock, since it's almost iconic to him (and literally a part of him); especially since the cocoon in The Collector's menagerie strongly hints at Warlock's existence. It's possible that The Collector doesn't know Warlock possesses it; or maybe it won't physically manifest or something until Warlock literally comes out of his shell.

The Mind Gem/Loki's Sceptre debate is still ongoing, but for now, it's easier to just take Kevin Feige (and Nick Fury) at their word and say that the Spear was powered by the Tesseract, nothing more. On the off chance that it *is* the Mind Gem in that Spear, I guess they could get around the "two Stones in Asgard" argument if the Spear is still in SHIELD's possession.

That would make the "scatter" look something like:

Tesseract/Space Gem: in Asgard
Aether/Power (maybe; or Reality, maybe) Gem: in The Collection in/on....wherever? His spaceship?
Soul Gem: in Adam Warlock's cocoon, unbeknownst to The Collector/Thanos
Mind Gem: in Loki's Sceptre, in SHIELD's possession on Earth
Time Gem: somewhere in space; comes into the possession of GOTG
Reality (or Power) Gem: ????


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