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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I don't think they are tired of CBMs. The Avengers/The Dark Knight Rises got a really high scores last year, The Amazing Spider-Man is not even that good and it still got 73%. This year, Iron Man 3 got a decent score despite the lukewarming response here.

I just don't think most critics based their score on visual effects, set pieces, scope and action sequences ALONE. They focus more on the story, script and character development, especially those things usually don't better through time. Visual effects, set pieces, action sequences and scope will get better and bigger through time because of technology, but story? script? character development? Its totally in the hands of the filmmaker.
I dunno. Some comic material is more "relatable" to the people in these positions than others. I get the impression when it comes to the Thor franchise that they have a problem with the source. Thor is not grounded. It is ridiculous. Which is why I love it. Lee/Kirby Thor and Fantastic Four are some of my all time favorite comics and the imagination meter was off the charts.

And when I read critics lamenting the fact for example that the universe is in peril yet again, what in the world are they expecting a hero like Thor to do? Stop bank robbers? Really? That's what Spider-Man is for. It's not Thor's fault that the end of world/universe/whatever plot line is used in other films. And it will continue to be used as long as people continue to concoct stories of this scope.

I feel complaints about unevenness are also unfair. The Thor comic always consisted of a wacky mashup of sci-fi, fantasy and superheroics. There should be tonal shifts and bizarre juxtapositions. And there is humor in Thor. Lots of it. Thor always makes me laugh.

I felt Taylor did a bang up job of delivering a film true to the comic within the constraints of the MCU. As a Thor fan I feel I'm a better judge of what is a good rendition than a bunch of stuffed shirt movie snobs.

Lastly, for guys who get paid to review these films they sure don't do their research. I see a lot of erroneous statements in reviews which makes me just throw my hands up and say the heck with all of it. Where it bothers me is when it serves to discourage people from seeing a good entertaining film that so many people have worked so hard on.

Thankfully it's not the case with this film. It is doing extremely well at the box office. Folks are going to see it and they're having a good time. As a fan, I understand the limited appeal of the character so I'm delighted with the results.

At the very least that means I'll live to see a Thor 3 in the very near future.

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