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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
So what does being a god mean ? What is the key feature of god-hood ?
I ask because it sounds like this is the point we're differing on.

Personally, for me, immortality would be something I would associate with
gods. But that's just IMO

Fallibility is certainly a hallmark of the most enjoyable (and sometimes gruesome) stories about 'gods', as you say, especially the Greek gods.

So when you say the Asgardians are gods, what do you mean ?

Also, I posted a thread for you Thor-fans to relive all of the Thunder-God's most glorious triumphs, (and didn't say a word about Beta Ray Bill, the Hulk or Superman) and even started it off with probably his best one ever, the conquest of Death (well, Death personified as Hel).

Sadly, none of Thor's other fans have yet to post a particularly cracking victory for the big blonde hammer-thrower. That leaves me as the sole promoter of Thor, which just seems wrong.

I challenge you and the rest of the Asgardi-fans to look at Thor's 40+ year history and dig out some of his greatest triumphs, as there are probably many I've never seen or heard about.
I think there's a simpler answer: "God/god has no single definition." Even leaving aside the Big-G singular creator omnipotence, and just dealing with more pantheonic deities, there is a *wide* difference in understanding between the Greeks and the Norse, between the Hindus and the Japanese. The only common elements are "greater than human" and "worshipped/revered by humans."

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