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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Are we saying that the writers of TDW do get Thor?
Absolutely. They have kept the characters true to life while melding the universe with the context already established by the very first Iron Man on through Avengers. I don't expect an exact translation but the spirit of the comic is there.

Originally Posted by insideguy View Post
I know its just nitpicking but putting sci fi in concepts that are not in their nature sci fi bugs me. Captain America did the same thing. I know I am not supposed to bring up other movies and I sort of understand what they are trying to do with Thor but I dont really like it. Putting guys with lasers in Asgard is sort of like putting guys with lasers in LOTR. It just seems weird. Reminds me of the old GI JOE cartoon
Jack Kirby's Thor was loaded with sci fi. Don't really see the issue here.

The Cap movie had a little too much for my liking but it was forgivable especially considering what that film was trying to accomplish. Again I feel the heart of Steve Rogers' character shined through.

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