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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
Absolutely. They have kept the characters true to life while melding the universe with the context already established by the very first Iron Man on through Avengers. I don't expect an exact translation but the spirit of the comic is there.

Jack Kirby's Thor was loaded with sci fi. Don't really see the issue here.

The Cap movie had a little too much for my liking but it was forgivable especially considering what that film was trying to accomplish. Again I feel the heart of Steve Rogers' character shined through.
Kirby takes a crap and its sci fi related. I am just attempting to explain why critics might get a bit confused about what they are watching. Its hard to wrap the head around aliens in realms who are mythology based earth deities. It gets a little convuluted to alot of critics I think. Which then turns them off to the rest of the movie even if its pretty good.

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