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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
Man of Steel is not Superman's name. You didn't see his name on every poster, simply because it wasn't needed. People know what Superman looks like and what his symbol stands for. So my point is, if World's Finest was the title of the movie, you wouldn't have people staring dumbfounded at the poster since it would likely feature those two iconic symbols and even images of the characters.

Man of Steel is a nickname for Superman the world knows. People who don't read comics know that Superman's nickname is the Man of Steel.

I just don't see why after the title Man of Steel was used that they need to go back to having Superman and Batman's name in the title. I also don't see how anyone could say World's Finest is a "silly" title.
and that is the problem because you are only thinking of posters…there are many more ways of marketing the movie…there were quite a few signs around Hollywood that were just this:

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