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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by roach View Post
I thought about that too…going back to the whole "More powerful than a locomotive".
In the DP newspaper with "More powerful than a locomotive" would be a pretty great moment IMO

Originally Posted by roach View Post
Always open with a bang. I would go with a big action piece of Superman saving people…I don't know what it is yet because I keep reverting to him saving a plane and I think it's become cliche for him. Maybe the space shuttle or something…something huge that only Superman can do…while he's doing that the camera pulls back and we see we were watching the event unfold on a monitor. We continue to pull back…over the shoulder of a familiar bat-shaped shadow watching the monitor.
Yeah I agree on a train also or maybe a space station ala Superman Unchained but would be awesome if he had a difficult time and almost impossible to do it and then at the middle he remembers how he was saving some casualties from the WE and having a difficult time on the ones he couldn't save adding drama to the scene... But I think they will connect both scenes ala TDK showing Superman saving some casualties from the WE and the way doesn't matter if its flashback or showing it at the beginning of the movie..

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