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Originally Posted by mwmillett View Post
It is well established that Thor is far more powerful than the Hulk, and when Thor is actuating his potential he easily dispatches Hulk. Thor has so many underutilized powers and abilities this is even stated on marvels own page. However we all must remember that media interpretations are not always Earth 616 thor. Earth 616 Thor has no rivals when at the height of his power, even King Thor kills the hulk and every other hero who challenges him before those events are reset in Thor 79 right before Thor disassembled starts, and then of course King Thor is not even his most powerful form, Rune Thor has limitless power putting him on the level of cosmic entities. Thor's powers are often understated because of just how powerful he is and how he would render every hero on his team obsolete because of how he just dwarfs them. Now thinks thors return, strazinski run, issue 4, Thor obliterates, Extremis Iron man, arguably the most powerful iron man incarnation, Thor crushed Iron man without even trying, when Thor isn't holding back, and written to his full extent, he wins, every time, this doesn't make for good stories though, so he has to lose sometimes.
I totally agree with everything you said. I know many of the movie going fans go on about how hulk beat down thor but when you think about it, thor could have stop the hulk pretty quickly. For those who have seen the thor movie, you have to ask yourself why didnt thor simply put the hammer on hulks chest as he did with loki. It is movie canon fact that hulk cannot lift the hammer (and he was in a prime lifting position) so even the greatest hulk fans cant really argue this fact. When we consider that thor was just trying to stop hulk and not kill him, going the route that i have spoken of makes total sense. I will admit of course that in big budget action-packed film this wouldnt be looked on by fans as a great fight. The fact is that marvel and the fans wanted a real beat down balls to the walls throw down with thor and hulk, but from a comman sense perspective, thor could have ended that fight easy.

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