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Doh Re: Early Thor Darkworld box-office predictions - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
I agree and I apologize.
But he could have just said TDW made 150 million , instead he quoted what I said about the success of BMH ,I felt like he was saying "stay on topic".
I felt singled out, so I struck back.
Talking about competitors has always been okay here.
I mentioned BMH because for a long time people here have said TDW had NO COMPETITION in week 2 .
But on Friday, more then a few people were sweating out the possibility that BMH could have a 35 million dollar weekend.
I was pointing out that ANY film can provide competition against a blockbuster,
It was not an Anti Thor comment.
I would be very interested in knowing if there was a drop among women for TDW this weekend.
IF there was , my guess is they went to BMH.
Sorry if you thought I was being snarky toward you, it was not my intension to do that.
I did not mean to quote you when I posted, I was not paying attention and accidently added the quote selection..
Once again sorry for the mix up.

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