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Default Re: Should AGE OF APOCALYPSE be released in 2 Parts?

^ I agree that having two, back-to-back timeline movies would be a bit "been there, done that", unless one is a feeder to the other.

The whole Age of Apocalypse could easily be done over two movies.

Now, the one way this could actually work is if we thought of it as 3 movies, instead of 1 movie (DOFP) and two separate movies (AOA).

So Days of Future Past would end with a new timeline with Apocalypse in charge and a Magneto led resistance. This would make AOA the first in a series of movies that could go through the whole DOFP to ROA to AOA. Yes there would be timetravel in multiple movies, but it would all be cause and effect from the same larger story, just split over 3 movies!

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