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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
I remember them in a subject-journalist relationship. And then trying to stop an alien invasion. Never saw a thing about feelings for each other until the kiss came. Now I just saw the movie twice. Did something else happen in between? Or was it a matter of 'this is love interest, he must kiss her at one point'?
You need to watch the movie again. I can't even describe what you missed if you didn't see it in the first place. Just go watch it again and pay attention to every time Lois and Superman are together

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
Well, one thing that's needed to see SR is being familiar to Donner movies. For the better or the worse.

Now, one thing Donner didn't do right was sometimes avoiding the consequence of Superman's actions. Like when he turned back time or have Lois the amnesia kiss. The easy way out. Singer did that right in his movie. Superman's actions had then consequences. I see, therefore, improvement and a reason why it was good. Snyder also took this way with his take on Superman.

And Superman showed how lonely he feels in this planet in SR, which is another thing I'm glad Snyder kept for MOS.
I am very familiar with the Donnerverse and pretty much all of Superman's lore. I've been a dedicated fan for over 30 years. I know my Superman. But rather you realize it or not, you just confirmed why the Donner template was a bad blue print for Singer. Donner KNEW better. He knew not to give Superman some huge emotional problem or drama he couldn't overcome by the end of the movie, so everyone in the audience left with a smile. It didn't matter how ridiculous, but Superman has to solve the problem. Singer didn't even plan on doing this, so again why use that template? Just tell your own damn story with a new format.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
There are a lot of superhero movies with good reviews; Dark Knight, Spider Man 2, Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider Man, Dark Knight Rises, X Men: First Class, X Men 2, Hellboy 2, Batman Begins, X Men, Hellboy, Captain America, Sin City, Thor and, yes, Superman Returns.

Not that it's relevant (I myself don't care for reviews), but you said that MOS had "washed [SR] away." And I see that even when they did better financially, it was not all a bed of roses.

Anyways, I don't know whether your stance on the sequel is "What does that matter? It got a sequel" or "I have no faith in any of their plans."
MOS washed SR away because it rebooted the franchise. As for me, MOS got a sequel, but I still have no faith in WB, so I will wait and see. I don't trust them to put out good CBM product (Nolan's Batman aside). I was actually surprised I liked MOS as much as a did. I don't like everything about it, but it's definitely on the tops for Superman movies.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
I think matter of taste starts when we registered ourselves in this forum. I'm far from wanting you to like SR, just to have a discussion that can go further the memories from 7 years ago.
For some reason I just always come back to read why people like this movie. I think it's garbage, so I am always curious why people say they like it.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
It worked for people who just wanted to see that kiss, sure. But narratively?
Like a I said, watch the movie again. I don't even know how you missed Maybe you're young or something...idk. It's there though. The kiss is part of the narrative, but you didn't see it, so you need to watch the movie again. Everyone else saw it.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
Well, everyone's free to keep discussing or not. My point is if you're discussing about what happens in the movie or what you remember from one viewing seven years ago.
One viewing was enough. After that I had a solid two years of debating how bad it was right here on these boards...and I'm still at it. I have a lot antipathy for this movie because I waited 20 years for Superman to return and then got this garbage. You know if you go back in this thread I posted a link to an article Singer gave a few years back where he admits he made mistakes with SR. He realizes now what he did wrong.

Mission Accomplished!
Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I've heard so many people talk about how Superman would kill Lois if they ever had sex, but I've never heard someone make this point before and it's brilliant. If Superman's bodily fluids are so dangerous, then he'd have to use a kryptonite toilet every time he takes a dump.

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