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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
The Avengers was called the Avengers.

They can use the name World's Finest. People here need to stop treating the GA as mindless zombies. They will know it has Batman/Superman in it because they will be in the TV Spots, Trailers and Posters. Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight didn't have their respective hero's name in the title but the GA knew they were Batman and Superman movies.
well said. what' s funny is that the media thinks it's "batman: the dark knight." someone on these very forums thought it was "batman and the dark night" (i kid you not) back in 2008. man of steel was cool, but it got everyone here thinking they could never call the heroes by their names in the title or even in the movie.

people in general a pretty dumb, but the title of this movie doesn't matter. they could never have the names batman and superman on the screen and just have their symbols with "VS" in between, and people will go see it.

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