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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 10

Some supposed rumors from a guy claiming to talk to another guy working on the Batman vs Superman movie:

From Reddit btw...

Let me begin by saying that these were all things that were brought up during a discussion with someone who CLAIMS to be working on the Batman vs Superman movie, and has read the script. We spoke for 45min+ about Batman & movies, and based on the company he works for, along with the things he mentioned, I tend to believe what he said. (I prefer not to mention him or his company as to not get him in trouble.)
  • Anyways... SPOILERS (maybe.. just being cautious)
  1. "Batman vs Superman" is just a 'Man of Steel' sequel. Batman seems to only be in the script for about an hour.
  2. Batman will be older, and more established in this world. We talked about Miller's Dark Knight, and I gathered that Batman won't be THAT old, but it sounded like he'd be older (and hopefully wiser!)
  3. Benn Affleck has "signed on" for seven movies AS Batman. 'Man of Steel 2' being his first, most likely followed by a stand-alone Batman, eventually building up to a Justice League movie(s). Other characters were mentioned (Bane, Flash, Wonder Woman), and how they'd be inserting more of them into this new DC Universe.
  4. Affleck did a test fitting for the Batsuit, where they wanted him to build up his traps & lats. It seems like they're developing a Batsuit in line with the Arkham game series (I was very excited to hear this!)
I had this conversation a while back, so I may have left some small things out, but I figured I'd share since if someone else posted info, I'd read it. But take it for what it's worth, and with a grain of salt. There's nothing earth-shattering here, just some stuff that I was excited to learn second hand. I did tell this person a few times to avoid spoilers, so I'm sure I could have gotten some better information, but as a fan, I'm just happy to hear how good the movie sounds.

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