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Default Re: Batman as a Vehicle for the Surveillance State

Originally Posted by Wise View Post
The comics have pointed out on multiple occasions that Batman does not give a damn about privacy or spying. If he has a hunch you're guilty then your phones, email, bank accounts and netflix queue will all be under surveillance.

The difference between the US Govt and Batman is that Batman has both the world's greatest detective skills and the writers behind him to make sure every hunch turns out to be correct.
There is a huge difference between him spying because he is suspicious and him just spying for the sake of spying. No one is saying that he never violates privacy; just that he isn't a surveillance-obsessed "Every Gotham citizen is a potential threat" nutjob. That's where the false notion lies: that Batman sits around spying on people when he is bored. He never just spied for the sake of spying other than the time he was betrayed by the Justice League (Elseworld stories don't count).

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