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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

Originally Posted by SuperMan of Steel View Post
but you can't judge an entire race just because Zod's army... what about Jor-el kindness?
Anything the people of Earth know about Jor-El would be second-hand from Lois and would sound, well, completely insane ("Superman's ghost dad hologram helped me!"). They also wouldn't be too worried about color of the attire. Just look at what happened to Muslims after 9/11. People are stupid and quick to stereotype. Superman being a Kryptonian AND embracing his Kryptonian heritage would be seen as a slap in the face to humans who see the Kryptonians as little more than the invaders who decimated Metropolis. Even just knowing he is of the same race would make for an uphill battle for Kal-El regardless of what he calls himself or how he dresses.

Maybe the way to "change" it would be to have Clark go to his mom and say, "This design is a little too Kryptonian and people are mad about it, can you help me make it look more like it's from Earth?" This would be a way to have your cake and eat it too, the suit would be alien in origin like the New 52, but still fit in the idea of Ma Kent making the suit for him. And maybe he could keep the "armored" Kryptonian suit around for when big threats come around.

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
I want Superman with the mullet.
I could be COMPLETELY on board with this if Caville can pull off the Dave Grohl sort of look. I don't want a legitimate mullet, I want it long all around. Yes, it was sometimes drawn in the 90s as a full-on mullet, but at the best of times, I don't think that was the intent of the artist.

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