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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

That's why Fox is doing a soft reboot. My guess is that Havok is going to fill the role of Corsair and be Cyclops' father. I don't know too many fans of Corsair and we already have Cyclops, Phoenix, Havok and now Cable. Any more Summers and it'll be impossible to keep track of them for the average fan.

With First Class being canon and a soft reboot in store for the original timeline, it's best to think of what can be done creatively without Havok in X-Factor. Keep in mind that he was with the X-Men during the 60s, 80s and 2000s and in the 2010s, he's now part of the Avengers. He was only part of X-Factor in the 90s and even then, he did take part in Mutant X.

X-Factor should be a hybrid team to capture the four different incarnations. IMO, I'd like for it to be led by Cyclops, under control of the military but mostly performs intelligence and investigative actions to get X-Factor to feel like it's a hybrid of all 3.

The roster would borrow from the first (Cyclops, Angel, Phoenix), second (Multiple Man, Forge) third (Rictor and Siryn) and fourth (gambit)

The alternate strategy is to use the past timeline for X-Factor and have Gambit, Havok and Quicksilver run around in the 70s.

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