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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Sage View Post
That's a nice find about the somersault. I just watched the scene myself and slowed it down. Snyder needs to bring back his slo-mo shots.

The scene when Superman escaped the collapsing building in Metropolis, I couldn't tell initially but the debris really does clip his flight and causes him spiral out of control into the streets.
Yeah, I was actually wondering at first on why Superman was suddenly falling onto the streets as though he were slammed into it and it was only until I saw the Blu-Ray that I realized that it was because of the debris as well.

I was also surprised to find out on how a lot of the shots that I thought were CGI models of the actors, due to how complicated the movements looked for the characters, were actually the actors themselves.

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