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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
I'd be interested in some examples as to why you thought they did not understand Thor or what you consider steps backward with Odin.

I loved TDW because I felt we saw some real character development with Thor building on the first film as well as the Avengers. Loki is always mocking him for what he perceives to be Thor's stupidity but here we see a shrewder, wiser Thor who still retains his devil-may-care recklessness at times. Also Thor is colder towards Loki after all his crimes but he still clearly loves his brother. Hiddleston and Hemsworth were fantastic together. The best we've seen them yet.

We also see Odin and Thor in reversed roles, showing father and son are not so different after all. There are many times in the comics where Odin is pompous and stubborn and clearly not so wise after all. Also in the end Thor rethinking what it means to be a king, relinquishes his claim to the throne in favor of Midgard and adhering to his affection for Jane, furthering the rift with Odin - very true to the comics and a significant shift away from where he started in the first film.

Thor's cockiness in the battle of Vanaheim and his offer to the Kronan and Malekith for accepting their surrender were all signature Thor moments.

After Loki says "satisfaction is not in my nature", Thor's line "surrender is not in mine" is the very essence of Thor.
Oh, completely agreed with everything in this post. Excellent characterization all around, great action, good humor. Some flaws like: slightly weak in terms of Malekith's motivations, a little choppy editing-wise, not the greatest of final battles and a few more, but not nearly enough for 34% of it's (thus far) 202 reviewers to outright not recommend the film. That IMO reeks a little of "these Marvel folks have gotten too big for their britches... let's pull them down a peg" from the critical community.

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