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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Originally Posted by kasjan View Post
X-Factor would be good movie, but which year would be reality in this movie, are you taking about 2023 ?
Havok would be 77 yo and Quicksilver about 67.
Beast 83, Cyclops 54, Jean 49, Angel 37, Iceman 34.

It's superheroes. Use a sliding time scale like the James Bond movies or any other long-running franchise that never seems to die. Just retcon things away as time goes on. Also, I never said to use Havok and Quicksilver in the present timeline, they were a suggestion for the past. Recasting certain roles does indeed work. I'd start with recasting Phoenix and Nightcrawler. Also, XMO probably didn't happen as depicted thanks to DOFP. Like Cyclops and Storm might be a bit younger this time around and the "present" timeline doesn't need a year stated, this may very well be some sort of AU that doesn't need a year attached to it. I mean, in the comics, Tony Stark is 34 and always has been since becoming Iron man and the early issues are still canon.

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