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I don't care if people think it should be made next, or 5 years down the road. All I care about is that when it gets made(which it inevitably will) that it's DONE RIGHT! So we can all finally have a movie that does a story we all love justice!

I would think that ideology would resonate within you fellow fans. Which is why I ask you ALL to support my screenplay.

It could work immediately after DoFP without coming off been there done that for a few reasons:

1. It shows how dangerous the MUTANT THREAT can be without proper measures to stop someone like Apocalypse. Just as DoFP exhibits the danger of unchecked fear and prejudice towards mutants.

2. Since they decided to tackle something as big as "time-travel" then obviously they're going to realize how much time-travel exists already throughout the X-Men comics( I.E. Pretty much Cables entire existence haha) so that means they'll have to be open to the idea again down the road, for say, someone like Stryfe.

3. Though I can't go into specifics exactly, but with how I use Apocalypse in MY overall plan for the other films. AoA is the best way to lay down ground work for Apocalypse, to show immediately how dangerous and powerful he is so when he appears after the "fixed" timeline there is no question about trying to stop him, they have to, because we all know what happens if he wins.

Or it can wait, doesn't matter. That's the beauty of time travel, it can happen whenever.

I know everyone is uncertain one way or another about topics regarding the X-Men film franchise,I don't blame you all. What they have delivered on-screen never instilled confidence to the fans for the next film. THATS WHAT I WANT TO FIX. More than timelines and chronicling a catalog of familiar stories I want to first instill CONFIDENCE a back into the franchise! So when the fans hear I'm writing a Phoenix Saga or X-Cutioner's song fans aren't immediately shaking their head wondering how bad it's going to be compared to the original story.

Please help me start writing good stories FOR ALL OF YOU to enjoy on screen.

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