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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

Originally Posted by Victarion View Post
In the case of Berserk...I just think Guts is a great hero, and Miura doesn't shy away from depravity when it comes to the villains. Guts backstory transcends shock value, because we see it used to develop his relationship with Casca. I was heartbroken at the fate of Casca and the Band of the Hawk. Berserk is the only manga to provoke that kind of response for me.

Agreed 100%, I'm a huge fan of Berserk. Cant wait for the new unseen films release. Its such a strong story, one of my favorite ultimate Good Vs. Evil. stories as well, I'll never forget when I got introduced to this as my friend said "you have got to see this" then I was upset when the anime was unfinished so I started reading some of the mangas.

As far as what really got me into anime, I would say the first three true anime series and movies I seen were DBZ, Akira and Cowboy bebop. DBZ was fun, got very repetitive, but was very fun to watch.

Cowboy bebop really got my attention as the action sequences were superb, I couldn't believe how well they were able to catch the motion of the martial arts fighting scenes and the story was great, who dosent love a good future western inspired story

Akira, believe it or not is not one of my most favorite animes, but its a classic, I do own it in my collection and still enjoy watching it, but Berserk, Cowboy bebop, Trigun and Gungrave are my top favs I'd have to say.

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