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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Originally Posted by kasjan View Post
So you're telling me future movies won't be sequels to DOFP?
Only movies about past/present?
IMO it should be continuation, so go with other characters:
Forge, Strong Guy (if the guy in Vietnam isn't Guido already), Multiple Man, Siryn, Wolfsbane and maybe Archangel (if he isn't in X-Force movie).

I never said wouldn't be a sequel. I'm saying that Phoenix and Nightcrawler may have to be recast in the near future but the franchise should use a sliding time scale like the comics do. Cyclops was created as a teenager in the 60s. He was in his thirties starting with Second Genesis in the 70s up through today. This means that most of the X-Men are only in their mid 30s and aged 20 years in the span of 50 and haven't aged at all since the mid-70s. The only characters who did age were teenagers in the 80s and now in their 20s. This is why the franchise lasts. With a soft reboot, let's assume that certain X-Men were born later, that or possibly a new cut of XMO that purges certain scenes to smooth over continuity. Like removing a handful of scenes from some of the films would go a long way. Granted, DOFP has given Beast a way to appear human in public so that issue in FC, X2 and X3 has been fixed but there are still some cuts to previous films that need to be made.

X1: Cerebro references can be removed.

X2: Have a sound effect play over the name, "Sebastian Shaw."

X3: Reshoot the scene where Xavier and Magneto visit the Grey household. Have Fassbender and McAvoy be in the reshoots and have the scene set in the 90s with Xavier in a wheelchair.

XMO: Cut out the Xavier scenes. Just remove them. We don't need them and it messes with continuity.

FC: Get rid of the kid versions of mutants with Cerebro.

The Wolverine doesn't need any recuts that I'm aware of.

Moira McTaggert can have had a daughter out of wedlock named Moira Jr. Emma Frost in XMO can be a clone.

Problem solved.

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