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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
Like removing a handful of scenes from some of the films would go a long way. Granted, DOFP has given Beast a way to appear human in public so that issue in FC, X2 and X3 has been fixed but there are still some cuts to previous films that need to be made.

X1: Cerebro references can be removed.

X2: Have a sound effect play over the name, "Sebastian Shaw."

X3: Reshoot the scene where Xavier and Magneto visit the Grey household. Have Fassbender and McAvoy be in the reshoots and have the scene set in the 90s with Xavier in a wheelchair.

XMO: Cut out the Xavier scenes. Just remove them. We don't need them and it messes with continuity.

FC: Get rid of the kid versions of mutants with Cerebro.

The Wolverine doesn't need any recuts that I'm aware of.

Moira McTaggert can have had a daughter out of wedlock named Moira Jr. Emma Frost in XMO can be a clone.

Problem solved.
Some of those are feasible.

I really don't know why they were so specific in X1 with Xavier's age when he met Magneto. He didn't need to say 'when i was 17', it's just not good to get so specific because it comes back to bite you in the butt later. He could have said 'when i was young(er)' or 'a long time ago.' I don't know if just overdubbing 'younger' over '17' might work, or if it would look too obvious.

I don't know if they would go to the expense of reshooting that X3 opening scene with Xavier and Mags at the Grey household. It could be that the DoFP's viral website gives a clue to getting round that (and Xavier standing at the end of Origins) when it mentions artificial limbs or whatever in the timeline.

Origins Emma could be a clone, or Frost's daughter.

It's a little bit tangled and messy, but I think DoFP is trying to clear the decks and establish what's in, what's out and what can be explained away.

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